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Generally speaking, when the verb in the main clause is in the past tense, the verb in the subordinate clause will also be in the past tense. EXAMPLESThat the band had to cancel its concertdisappointed many fans. What i am concerned, adam you say, practice with clauses answers.

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PREWRITINGUse a flowchart or some other type of diagram to list all the steps and materials that needto be included in your instructions. However it often comes as a Noun clause or as an adjective clause. He told us ________ sad, and that it would be better for everyone. Here the clause that I bought for my wife modifies the noun coffee maker. The laborers worked hard so that they could earn a living. Johnson whose son attends the University is our friend. To make sense, it needs to be attached to a main clause.

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He comes first saturday in each of questions have students will buy season and adjectives or sent a girl is on clauses answers he bought it. Do relative clauses only modify the subject of the independent clause? She was hardly inside the house before the kids started screaming. The highlighted portion is a clause that is functioning as an adjective. It is a adverb or adjective phrase, or neither of this? Alex will give whoever finds his class ring a cash reward. Thanks for great explanations of such a difficult topic. They are very understandable.

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Grammar Quiz 21 Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Clauses.

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Types of Adverb Clauses.
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