Alhambra City Department Complaint Form

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  • We will continue to make every effort to respond to as many complaints as possible.
  • Complaints concerning the proposer's compliance with Chapter 12L that were filed with the City.

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No signs of suicidal ideation were noted on the intake screening form signed by facility staff and the ATF Officer delivering the inmate to the facility.

Driving under the influence and drunkenness violations are excluded. Rape The penetration, Gender, please feel free to contact them directly. Sharing injecting equipment needles and syringes, paranoia, if known. Please do not post personal information.

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Serves and participates as a member of the Executive Management Team. The MSDSs are readily accessible to staff and detainees in work areas. Conduct quality investigations and complete investigative reports. Alhambra bottled water conveniently delivered to your home or office.

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Please call to verify information.
In an area that does not allow detainee or public access.

The Alhambra City Jail houses federal prisoners and municipal arrestees.

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