Queen Mary Physics Entry Requirements

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The majority of the MSc is delivered through lectures.

We will usually include native language A levels in offer conditions where they are taken alongside any subject specific requirements provided all three A levels have been sat together and taken within a two year period.

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Whilst choosing a university is largely about personal preference and the feel of the place they get when attending an open day, this list of the best medical schools is a good starting point. Level from either Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics or Psychology is also required.

Descartes and Elisabeth: A Philosophical Dialogue?

The module consists of experimental investigations into various physical phenomena such as classical mechanics, thermodynamics, waves and optics, fluids, electromagnetism and atomic spectra. One aim of this is to find out how much the candidate understands the principles of what they are doing, as opposed to following a recipe. This only deletes your recommended videos.

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This is the fee you pay if you live within Channel Islands.

Selection is on the basis of the information provided on your UCAS form.

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